Every moment is a new horizon.

Every moment is a new horizon.

Monday, January 3, 2011

You've been asleep your whole life.

You've been asleep your whole life. Weather you know it or not.
Your mind dictates all of your actions. The mind also follows and pursues comfort as well,
similar to a sunflower following the sun. Comfort is not inherently bad.
However when you are constantly comfortable when that comfort disappears; your mind rebels reality,
your sleeping bliss becomes a nightmare. But what would happen,
rather than perusing comfort, if you acted in a way to act, to truly live!
Not exist as a hive of thought bouncing around the electrical expanse of your mind.
You desperately need to "clean the lens" of your self; How you perceive must change.
You must transform the knowledge you have into wisdom. You must turn knowing, into doing.
As every cliche movie of a young man transforming into a warrior you must empty your "cup"
 your "tea pot" "vase", "gas tank" "water bottle" it does not matter. What does is getting rid
of old preconceptions, old stingy negative soul crushing thoughts and beliefs.


  1. If that's true then why am I so tired?

  2. I have been asleep, more asleep than now. I am waking slowly, adjusting to action. Hours and months and years and decades I have slept. No fear of decades, no more