Every moment is a new horizon.

Every moment is a new horizon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

 If I could choose only four principles to live by it would be these undoubtedly. We are all fools living together with fools. Proof? How many times a day do you make mistakes? How many times do you critique others for their mistakes jokingly, to maim their heart? You become a fool when you commit to this action. Everyone hurts, everyone loves, everyone laughs. The predictability is true to a point, many times you can predict what they will do. There are rare times though... where they will surprise you. Third, we don't even have control over situations. Fourth, the mind, useless thoughts made of fear... That's the killer.
 Sadness is a part of life. However you have every right to be happy no matter what you have done. It's what you are doing NOW. Don't focus on destroying old habits of thinking, of feeling. Focus on creating the new.
 Well like... that's your opinion man... just... chill bro...

All you have is this second. Right now. No other time was or will be real. If you want results don't procrastinate you will fail. Throw yourself into the flames of attention. Your focus must burn to achieve what you have never had.

 Abraham Lincoln was a master of men. He was the ultimate business man. He could sell rocks to a quarry, the times and circumstances though did not let this show totally. He did however handle his men very well. Such was the case when the confederacy was retreating from Washington. If the union were to pursue they would have won earlier. When he learned of this rather than destroying the general he let him be, (FACT CHECK)removing him but leaving his dignity intact.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Quite an amazing video if I may say so myself. It goes on the core ideas and ideals that I have been bloging all of the time, it explains everyone's situation, what is going on in our lives and if you take it to heart a completely new world is some thing you may find in the new future.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

                                       Life is not what you necessarily  want it to be. What you want, what we all want may not be in our futures. This does not mean you should not try. The feelings of lonliness and solitude many experience is part of A.) What they chose and B.) Chance. Nothing is meant to be except what is right now.
Be who you want to be. If you want to be a strong alpha male, go do that. If you wish to be the damsel in distress, this is fine too. But if you feel like you just want to change and have no drive... perhaps you never wanted to be that way ever.
The man knew his stuff.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Destruction and Improvment.

To recap the last paragraph, you will need more energy, cleanse your body of tension, destroy stagnant old beliefs, and open your heart. Nothing more to it. Beyond that your ego is another life limiting harm. The ego is not the sense of how you feel about yourself per say. It is more along the lines of egoism, always concerned about yourself and what will happen. If you let go of the fear of yourself you can find more happiness unreasonably in everything around you, tension will flow and ebb from you. Where does this tension come from however? From your "best friend" the person that has been there so long that you believe their voice to be your own. Your mind. Your mind is faster than any wind, searching for happiness, avoiding death, and seeking distraction. It is not any sort of intellect, or personality, or emotion; it is uncontrolled wild thoughts revealing as much to you as a freckle at the end of your nose. It's a fault in human evolution, the human mind, drawing you out of the present, into the future and the past. You must destroy your mind before it destroys you plain and simple. If you don't get what you want you suffer, if you get what you don't want you suffer. When you get what you want you still suffer. Your mind is your problem. It wants to be free of the obligations of life and death, of change. The bars of your prison are invisible, but knowing they are you may feel out for them. Knowing you are trapped you may plot your escape. How do you escape the mind? By reading the next blog post!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Series of images.

No comment necessary.
 If you did not have that sense of danger would life be worth living? In modern society we get worked up over things we can't see. Non life threatening things, such as tests, meeting other people, and worrying in general. People drink, people smoke not because "it's super fun LAWLAWL" It's becausethey are nervous of their situation; anxiety running rampant.These things are not inherent bad, it's that they are a form of running. That becomes habit. All habits are disgusting.

The founding fathers had a good idea, a beautiful dream. Our fathers burned, raped, and crushed it.

I implore. Why are you not who you want to be?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where are you today? Right now?

You don't know. You never will know. You will not know how everything came to be. Therefore you know nothing truly. Ignorance should be based on this understanding, otherwise you have understanding based on ignorance. Knowledge is good, but it has limits, it is only one dimensional. Life demands more than knowing, it needs constant feeling and energy from your part. To live happily, you need your body to be lithe, supple, and full of energy. Your mind to be resolute, clear, without doubt. Your heart, as difficult as it is should be filled with compassion for everyone. But how do you do this? Through action. You see a fool reacts, a reaction is a fleeting of all control, control of yourself. However the courageous person will act, action should coexist with everything you do. Even inaction is the action of not doing, be sure do do something. Whatever happens, you will be forced to take responsibility, or at least make you realize to a greater degree that it always was.

That's my two cents. Watch how your life improves. Experiment. If you believe this to be false, toward a happier life than please just try doing this for one hour. One minute. Or not at all. You are responsible for yourself.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

                               Carl Sagan. Aside from the Television programing he was
                    well known for was a brilliant, brilliant man one that because of his
                            immense view on the cosmos apreciated how unique we are.
                             An infinitesimally small speck on the canvas of everything.
Quite an amazing view, but society will carry on as it does until it is too late, or it sees a change is  necessary. Or it is brutally and quickly demolished.

This is truly shows why George Washington was an exceptional ruler. He was not the original hippie (although he was quite the producer of cannabis)       But he did not want the title of president. That is how elections should be done. It should be thrust into the lap of those with upstanding character.

From now on I'm going to be switching on and off between insightful pictures and philosophy. I'm sorry but time constraints and midterms are big on my plate at the moment. Namaste!

Monday, January 3, 2011

You've been asleep your whole life.

You've been asleep your whole life. Weather you know it or not.
Your mind dictates all of your actions. The mind also follows and pursues comfort as well,
similar to a sunflower following the sun. Comfort is not inherently bad.
However when you are constantly comfortable when that comfort disappears; your mind rebels reality,
your sleeping bliss becomes a nightmare. But what would happen,
rather than perusing comfort, if you acted in a way to act, to truly live!
Not exist as a hive of thought bouncing around the electrical expanse of your mind.
You desperately need to "clean the lens" of your self; How you perceive must change.
You must transform the knowledge you have into wisdom. You must turn knowing, into doing.
As every cliche movie of a young man transforming into a warrior you must empty your "cup"
 your "tea pot" "vase", "gas tank" "water bottle" it does not matter. What does is getting rid
of old preconceptions, old stingy negative soul crushing thoughts and beliefs.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

                                                 Kinda puts your life into perspective right?
                                      The fact that everything you know or do has relatively little
                                                          impact on the cosmic scale.
                                     Perhaps too far. Maybe not far enough. Still there is a stinking
                               odor in what our societal norm has become. Much like a fish left out in
                                         in the sun. We need to change before it is too late.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!!!

                         Not to say I know anything about the rigors and turmoils of war
                           but nobody who goes through war comes out exactly the same
                              "With the old breed" Was one of those books that really show          
                            every emotional gut wrenching act in Japan. It shows war really
                             Is hell, and anyone wanting to go to war as a president doesn't
                                   Know a damn thing about leadership or diplomacy. War
                                should be reserved as a final crazy last ditch effort. Anyone
                           who believes otherwise should go to a veterans home, shake their
                                               hand and say "I let this happen to you"

                                         It's reasonable that people fear death. However when  
                               You think about what death really is, why be afraid? It is only
                                     you loosing your history, personal beliefs, and thoughts.
                             The body never truly dies, it's form is only molded  to another
                        cosmic  form. When we are born it is simply stardust moved together
                                Into something consciousness may envelop it's self onto. If you
                          Fear death do not, there is no reason to. Be afraid that you believe
                              you are your thoughts. Then you were never alive to begin with.   

                                       There is little we have in this galaxy. We have choice
                                     to behave any way we wish, and to be whomever we
                                  want. We always have choice no matter the circumstance.
                        The other thing we have is control over our body and mind, beyond
                          that the control we have over anything is nil. This is the glaring truth to

                                "Ask a man to tell the truth and he will speak for himself,
                                  give him a mask and he will tell the truth." Another prime
                       example that everyone needs to wake up and see that their choices
                       echo in their lives. Lives of monotony. Of "security" in the sameness
                              of urban, suburban or rural hell. "Security" is only a false sense
                      of it's self. Life can still be stolen away in a second, maiming always
                     probable, through security you actually are harmed more than before.
                       Why journey through life safely to death? It's foolish to think that the
                        comforts of routine are doing you any good. Instead they drain you
                                                     of any humanity left inside of you.