Every moment is a new horizon.

Every moment is a new horizon.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!!!

                         Not to say I know anything about the rigors and turmoils of war
                           but nobody who goes through war comes out exactly the same
                              "With the old breed" Was one of those books that really show          
                            every emotional gut wrenching act in Japan. It shows war really
                             Is hell, and anyone wanting to go to war as a president doesn't
                                   Know a damn thing about leadership or diplomacy. War
                                should be reserved as a final crazy last ditch effort. Anyone
                           who believes otherwise should go to a veterans home, shake their
                                               hand and say "I let this happen to you"

                                         It's reasonable that people fear death. However when  
                               You think about what death really is, why be afraid? It is only
                                     you loosing your history, personal beliefs, and thoughts.
                             The body never truly dies, it's form is only molded  to another
                        cosmic  form. When we are born it is simply stardust moved together
                                Into something consciousness may envelop it's self onto. If you
                          Fear death do not, there is no reason to. Be afraid that you believe
                              you are your thoughts. Then you were never alive to begin with.   

                                       There is little we have in this galaxy. We have choice
                                     to behave any way we wish, and to be whomever we
                                  want. We always have choice no matter the circumstance.
                        The other thing we have is control over our body and mind, beyond
                          that the control we have over anything is nil. This is the glaring truth to

                                "Ask a man to tell the truth and he will speak for himself,
                                  give him a mask and he will tell the truth." Another prime
                       example that everyone needs to wake up and see that their choices
                       echo in their lives. Lives of monotony. Of "security" in the sameness
                              of urban, suburban or rural hell. "Security" is only a false sense
                      of it's self. Life can still be stolen away in a second, maiming always
                     probable, through security you actually are harmed more than before.
                       Why journey through life safely to death? It's foolish to think that the
                        comforts of routine are doing you any good. Instead they drain you
                                                     of any humanity left inside of you.


  1. "War is hell." Sherman should know.

  2. "It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it." - -- Robert E. Lee